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In 1991, Janis Hunt Johnson experienced a dramatic physical healing through prayer alone. Soon allergies and other chronic problems fell away. Today, she is a spiritual activist and interfaith advocate who seeks to teach, preach, and heal, following Jesus' example—sharing with people of all faiths the universality and practicality of scientific healing prayer in everyday life.

She has owned her editing business since 1983, was a singer/songwriter in Chicago and Los Angeles, and heads up CS Renewal Ministries in Southern Oregon. She has published articles on practical spirituality since 1997 for such publications as www.spirituality.com, The Christian Science Monitor, The Christian Century, The Christian Journal, and Flourish Digital Magazine. An avid student of Hebrew and Judaism, she has read aloud from the Torah in the synagogue and completed Harvard Divinity School's Religious Literacy course. Her first book, Five Smooth Stones: Our Power to Heal Without Medicine through the Science of Prayerwhich won Finalist in the Spirituality category of the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awardswas published by CS Renewal, an imprint of The Wisdom Exchange. Her upcoming second book is tentatively titled Seven Words to Freedom, Eight Days a Week: The Healing Power of Living Prayer.

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Janis Hunt Johnson

Janis Hunt Johnson

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Author, 5 Smooth Stones: Our Power to Heal Without Medicine through the Science of Prayer. Transformational Editor. From Chicago to L.A., now in Pacific NW.