Divine Reality — It’s What’s Actually Happening

Janis Hunt Johnson
6 min readMar 12, 2023
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The human condition(ing).

In a recent episode of the TV series The Chosen (episode 7 of season 3), Mary Magdalene (Elizabeth Tabish) — in a conversation with Matthew (Paras Patel), who has been struggling to commit to his faith — tells him something profound:

“Our lives are often painful, yes. So we think life is full of scarcity and not abundance. But then there are those times when out of nowhere, somehow the world expresses its longing to be whole. And suddenly God steps in. And we are pulled out of our blindness and we are invited into redemption.”

We so often get caught up in the never-ending drama of our lives — wondering, wishing, waiting, worrying, asking why. Woe is me. Where will the money come from? Why am I suffering? Why have I lost the one I love? Why me? We worry over illness, injustice, wrongdoing, unfairness. We constantly want something better. We long for anything, anywhere, where the grass is greener.

Such is the human condition.

But what if that’s just conditioning? What if that’s not all there is? What if life is actually something else altogether? What if reality is something else, happening all the time, right under our noses? What if we have the power to rise above?

Reality is only what we think it is. What thoughts are we inviting in? What thoughts do we entertain? What do we pay attention to? Our expectations create our experience.

I’ve found over and over that choosing to stay squarely in the quagmire of life’s predicaments never leads to anything good. But taking a spiritual perspective — rather than a material view — makes all the difference.

Switching to a spiritual view.

It’s when I rise above the material picture that things shift for the better.

I’m not talking about ignoring reality. I’m talking about awakening to the spiritual reality — which doesn’t change with the circumstances. The One Spirit, Love Itself, Life Itself, Truth Itself — all names for God — stays rock steady in the midst of whatever is happening.

God doesn’t bolt when things get tough. Quite the opposite. God never wavers. The reservoir of help that’s…



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