How to Heal by Applying the Spiritual Law of Opposites

Janis Hunt Johnson
6 min readSep 24, 2022
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Just Suppose. . .

If God exists, then by definition, God is Infinite and All. God, Spirit, being infinite — Infinite Being Itself — can therefore have no opposite. This profound Truth means that we have nothing to fear. So whenever we are afraid, we are in fear of nothing! What a relief!

Spiritual vanguard Mary Baker Eddy explained it this way: “God, good, being ever present, it follows in divine logic that evil, the suppositional opposite of good, is never present.” (Science and Health, p. 72). Identifying with our normal human reaction to the challenges of life, Eddy acknowledged, “Nothing is more disheartening than to believe that there is a power opposite to God, or good, and that God endows this opposing power with strength to be used against Himself, against Life, health, harmony.” (p. 380)

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Flip the Script

When facing an illness or any other trouble, rather than wasting time in the tangled weeds of human beliefs, we can instead insist upon the spiritual reality — recognizing God’s Allness, right where the problem appears to be — and turn things around.

Let’s start with a simple illustration from success coach Jen Sincero, author of the You Are a Badass book series. When the bank account is getting low, instead of entertaining thoughts of dread about our desperate need, she advises us to focus on abundance. For Sincero, it’s all about radical gratitude:

“For example,” she says, “if you realize you’re out of toothpaste, instead of focusing on getting some, focus on giving the drugstore your business; on giving the employees a smile and a hearty ‘Thank ye mucho!’; on giving thanks that you have the money, bodily ability, and transportation to make this dental adventure happen; on giving your teeth the love and attention they deserve. Do this all day with everything, and take note of how that flip shifts your energy, your focus, and your results.” (You Are a Badass calendar, May 27, 2022)



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