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Psalm 23 for Mother’s Day

Janis Hunt Johnson
3 min readMay 13, 2018


When you’re a girl, you don’t realize how much Mom does, until you become a mother yourself. Mom puts away your dirty dishes and clothes, makes your lunch and does laundry while you sleep, arranges for your lessons, appointments, and activities, pays attention to every deadline to make sure you’re on top of everything—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You have no idea how much time it all takes. Mom’s love goes on forever.

And that’s how God is for us — and so much more — because God is Our Mother, Our Creator, Our Source. And God is a Mom who never gets impatient, tired, critical, or cranky! Our Mother God loves us unconditionally, and takes care of every detail. And most of the time we don’t even pay attention. We don’t even know. All too often we’re too busy feeling sorry for ourselves, thinking the worst, being afraid, sometimes even missing out. Yet the amazing thing is, God Our Mother just keeps loving us, and taking care of us, and guiding us — all the more. So whether we know it or not, or even whether we like it or not, Our Mother God has our back, always.

So here’s my version of the 23rd Psalm, written especially for Mother’s Day:

God is Our Mother, shepherding me through life
I have everything I need
She makes me take a breather, lie in the grass and walk by the peaceful lake, and feel Her healing Power
She gives me fabulous meals, motivational conversation, and steers me in the right direction, for goodness’ sake
Yes, even when really bad things happen, or I get into big trouble, I don’t have to be afraid of anything, because You, Mother, make everything alright
Even if things are looking grim and we’re surrounded by bad news, You don’t run and hide, You protect me, You just keep preparing only the best for me, right there in front of me
You choose me for a special purpose, You comfort me
You always provide me with more than I need
Without a doubt, All Your goodness, patience, and forgiveness will persistently follow me for as long as I live
And I will live in Your heart and home — forever and ever. Amen.



Janis Hunt Johnson

Author, 5 Smooth Stones: Our Power to Heal Without Medicine through the Science of Prayer. Writer/Editor since 1983. From Chicago to L.A., now in Pacific NW.