Savor This Moment

Janis Hunt Johnson
6 min readOct 22, 2022
Guilherme Stecanella — Unsplash

An angelic visit.

Crying bitterly, I was missing the boyfriend who’d left me and moved 2000 miles away. It was very late but I couldn’t sleep. I was utterly forsaken, wondering if anyone would ever love me again. Amidst this despair, suddenly a glow appeared at the window, which was open a crack. Through that small opening, the light grew and spread out toward me — abruptly filling me with warmth. I started to laugh. In an instant, my tears turned to hysteric laughter. For that fleeting moment, I felt the presence of Love. I felt safe. I felt hope.

Just as quickly as it came, the brightness dissolved. Still, over 30 years after that experience (and happily married to a man I met a few years later), I remember it vividly as a life-changing moment.

An occurrence like this is wholly personal — and convincing. I’ve had a lot of such healing moments since — only a few as dramatic as this one, but many simple glimpses of The Divine.

Radical gratitude.

Back then, I wouldn’t necessarily have called what I was doing praying, so much as weeping uncontrollably. Nevertheless, no matter how alone I felt, I know I was in the presence of Something Wondrous.

When we awaken to who we truly are — each of us a unique idea within the One Mind — then anything is possible.

Nowadays, whenever I’m worrying about finances, health, and so on — trapped in a spate of avalanche thinking, where everything is terrible and nothing will ever be right again — as soon as I notice I’m in that downward loop, I stop. And embrace the moment.

I breathe deeply. I am breathing. I have been breathing all this time. I am alive. There is air. There is a breeze. Look at that sky. The world is wide. The universe is endless.

I count my blessings. I have ten bucks in my pocket. I have clothes — with pockets. I have a washer and dryer to take care of those clothes. I have a closet to put them in. I have a home. I have a car. How amazing is a vehicle! I have electricity. I have running water. Look how delightfully water forms currents. How refreshing it is to drink a glass of cold, clear water! I have food. I have dishes on which to serve that food. I have a fridge and a stove. How remarkable an invention is the

Janis Hunt Johnson

Author, 5 Smooth Stones: Our Power to Heal Without Medicine through the Science of Prayer. Writer/Editor since 1983. From Chicago to L.A., now in Pacific NW.