You Can Do It.

Janis Hunt Johnson
4 min readApr 9, 2022
Joshua Earle — Unsplash

I believe in you.

Sometimes you don’t trust Me. You wonder if I will ever come through. Sometimes you doubt if I am even here at all. And that’s OK. Even when you don’t believe in Me, I believe in you. Yes, I believe in you, even then. I am always rooting for you, knowing you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. In My Mind, you are always a good idea! And actually, My Mind is accessible to you 24/7, so anything you need, just ask, and I will give it to you. Wake up: It’s right here. Look around. Be grateful for your blessings. There are always more blessings coming. They all flow from Me. My Creation is infinite and ever-expanding. Endless possibilities are available to you. Whatever you need. I am here for you. I am your Source. I am Life. Live Me. I am Soul. Relish Me. I am Music. Sing Me. I am Light. Plug in and shine.

Spiritual but not religious.

Yes, I know you’re often frustrated with religions — when you see rigidity, fundamentalism, backwardness, hypocrisy, bigotry, hatred or even violence — so much wrong done in My Name. When things aren’t right, stand up. Arise. Rise above the noise and say something. I am not a creed. I am not a tradition. I am not a ritual. On the other hand, don’t just dabble. Redeem your religion rather than condemn it. Testimonies, customs, sacraments, scriptures and ceremonies — they will guide you. With commitment and devotion, forge your path to a brighter future. I am Spirit. As My image and likeness, you fully reflect My Allness. You are wholly spiritual, not material. Go higher.

Don’t give in.

I know it’s hard. You’ve had many failures, hurts, and disappointments. It’s tough to get back up and start again. But I will always provide the hand you need. The person you need. The resources you need. Maybe you’re tired. I will give you rest, refreshment, revitalization, renewal. When you’ve been wronged, I will bring justice. I am Principle. You are principled. Keep working. Your work is never in vain. Progress is My law. No one can break it. Don’t let the liars shun you. Even if they tell their lies a million ways, the truth prevails. I am Truth. I do not waver. No matter what, I have your back.

I Am here, there, and everywhere.



Janis Hunt Johnson

Author, 5 Smooth Stones: Our Power to Heal Without Medicine through the Science of Prayer. Transformational Editor. From Chicago to L.A., now in Pacific NW.