Love, Wash Over a Multitude of Things.

Janis Hunt Johnson
7 min readJul 24, 2022
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God as a First Resort.

There’s an ongoing soundtrack to my life, and lately the lyric going through my mind has been singer/songwriter Sara Groves’ “Love wash over a multitude of things.” This line is from her sublime song “When It Was Over.” Her refrain echoes words from a letter written by the Apostle Peter (I Peter 4:8): “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

Love is my favorite name for God. Love’s love is unconditional and permanent. This type of everlasting Love is what the Greeks call agape. In Sanskrit this Divine Love is called prema.

My daily intention is to turn to God as a first resort. As a spiritual author/editor and prayer coach/healer, I strive to live an exemplary life. But that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I screw up plenty, just like anyone else. Sometimes I seem to forget everything I’ve ever learned, and every word I’ve ever written — and I find myself stuck in some dark days.

Nevertheless, because I look at life from a spiritual perspective — instead of from a material view — seeking to live my prayers moment by moment, I have carved out a way of living that keeps me healthy and happy most of the time. Over and over again, looking at life from a spiritual perspective has brought healing and harmony — even to what most people would call hopeless situations.

So many things appear bleak these days — which is why I keep reminding myself that Love is still the answer to every problem.

Love is probably the most powerful way we experience God. We are in complete safety, in utter comfort, and in total acceptance, with Our Father-Mother God. In the Jewish tradition we could call this Love the Shekhina — the female presence of God — because Love is Our Perfect Mother: She loves us without fail, forever — without expectations, with encouragement, constant forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance. And God also acts as Our Perfect Father, protecting us, guiding us, and shielding us from harm.

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Fear — Not!

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